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Smart Contract

PKT-Token is the Main governance token. It will be used to buy PKTEarn, Breed and Enhance monsters.

PKTEarn is a combination of idle game, and metaverse mining game all merged by blockchain and NFT technologies. This will be the new era among NFT game market. Users get to choose their position whether to play by themselves or let their characters mine automatically.

Contract address


PKT Token Official Contract Address




PKT-Token smart contract is audited by Certik.


As each user’s preferred profit direction is different, PKT can be realized in various ways and has a simple structure that allows you to easily play and enjoy.


idle mining

You can mine p-token automatically by creating an account and activating the start button every 12 hours. g-token has various uses within the PKT app.


MINI games

PKT minigames are simple yet addictive games that give you the chance to play for free and win prizes from lucky number provider.


BReed & enchantment

Another way to make earnings with PKT NFT is to obtain PKT NFT through breeding and increase the value of PKT NFT through enhancement.



Ranking will be an indicator of all prizes, and prizes will be paid out in a fair and transparent manner. You have a chance to win a prize when you rank in the rankings, not the goal of being 1st.


Earn your NFTs item by playing the game and sell it on the marketplace to make money

PKT pot

PKTpot is unique in the scalability of NFT’s utility by adopting a method in which the money of all sold characters are collected and paid to a specific user as a prize. In addition, characters that did not win have the advantage of increasing their value through enhancement and breeding.

PKT pot number is automatically selected randomly when purchasing PKT pass or PKT NFT.


  • Team Building
  • Start Development
  • Build Game Concept
  • Smart contracts and interaction setup
  • Theme and Art Creation
  • Pre-Marketing
  • Pre-Mining APP release
  • PKT Token Lanuch IDO cex listing
  • Live server Expansion
  • NFT pet airdrop event
  • Alpha test
  • Leaderboard System Integration
  • Metaverse beta test
  • Mobile APK Release
  • Launch phase 1 metaverse
  • Mini-games launch
  • Marketplace phase 1 launch
  • PKT Launch
  • PKT pass release launch
  • PKT pet NFT release
  • Update features in metaverse
  • Update live server expansion

PKT team

Fully integrated team with proven track record of building successful blockchain projects,covering strategy, development, partnerships, marketing, social media and community.

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