Ethereum Earn

Ethereum Earn is a hyper-deflationary,
self-sustaining, auto reimbursing, Ethereum rewarding token.

'In order to have a decentralised database,
you need to have security. In order to have security,
you need to - you need to have incentives.'

Vitalik Buterin
Smart contract: 0x8c03fd0c9d0a1da1f9ca06dfd9bfc748b138208f


  • 3% Liquidity pool

    In order to maintain the price action, we will be allocating 3% of every transaction to the liquidity pool.

  • 7% Rewards to holders

    Dividends will be paid automatically to holders in Ethereum for just holding ETHEARN at an attractive and sustainable seven percent rate.

  • 5% Marketing wallet

    Marketing funds will be used for future marketing and advertising, in order to make sure we will continue to attract new investors and holders.

Road map

Our community is ambitious. We want our father Ethereum to be proud of us.
100M market cap is just the first of our goals.

  • 26/07 Deploy contract
  • 27/07 Find Investor
    Make a marketing plan
    start first ads
  • 28/07List on:
  • 30/07 End Listing
    Contact CoinGeko
  • Agoust Extend LP Lock
    more news ASAP

Today hold Ethereum Earn, Earn Ethereum.
Tomorrow hold Ethereum Earn, Earn Ethereum 2.0.

Our father

'The main advantage of blockchain technology is supposed to be that it's more secure, but new technologies are generally hard for people to trust, and this paradox can't really be avoided.'
Vitalik Buterin